Patrons who purchase any alcoholic drink from Oceans 6019 bar staff located at 4 - 5, 1 Manning Street, Scarborough 6019, WA, between the hours of 6 pm - 8 pm any day of the week will receive a numbered ticket with every drink purchase made.

The Find The Tiki draw takes place at 8 pm each night, with a staff member placing all ticket copies in to a container, from which a ticket is then drawn. An announcement of the winner is made five minutes before the draw to alert all customers. A ticket is then drawn and announced over the PA system.

Two minutes is then provided for the winning ticket holder to produce the ticket. If no winner is drawn, a second draw takes place. Tickets will continue to be drawn until a winning ticket holder is found.

The winning ticket holder is then directed to the tiki bar area to locate a hidden icon which is placed by an approved manager under a bottle at an earlier time. If the icon is found the the winning ticket holder receives a bar card for Oceans 6019 to the value of the daily capped amount. The maximum capped amount is a total of $250. If no icon is found the winning ticket holder receives a a tiki cocktail beverage of their choice.

This promotion begins from 13th March 2019 and finishes on 10th March 2020.



To enter this promotion, purchase a Shrunken Heads Tiki Bar token from the designated a staff member for only $12.00. With this token you will receive a voucher for a tiki cocktail from the Shrunken Heads Tiki Bar (usually valued at $17.00), plus one crab in a crab race that gives you the bonus chance to win a $25.00 bar card.

To redeem your tiki cocktail and to enter the crab race, simply present your token to the Shrunken Heads Tiki Bar staff member serving.

Each crab race consists of five crabs. The first crab to reach the rope perimeter of the crab racing table wins a $25.00 bar card. Please note this bar card can only be used for drinks.

This promotion begins 15th March 2019 and ends on 10th March 2020.